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There are three ways to add more space to your company’s industrial setting. You can either purchase a new facility, you can add on to an existing facility, or you can build a mezzanine. The path that is the most cost-efficient and takes the least amount of time is, by far, building a mezzanine. Not only does a mezzanine allow you more space in your facility, but it also helps you save money by being able to get more use out of the facility you are currently in.

Mezzanines come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and have a number of different accessories that can be valuable to a customer, including staircases, handrails, gates, ladders, bracing, and flooring.

Most mezzanines are custom-built, which helps the customer get the product that will best suit their needs. It is best to consult a professional as you are considering the mezzanine that you need. As a company, S. W. Betz has many years of dealing with mezzanine applications and will make sure that the project is taken care of from beginning to end. In addition to consulting with you about your mezzanine and being able to acquire the materials necessary for a project, the S. W. Betz Company also installs steel mezzanines.

The S. W. Betz Company is a preferred distributor for Cogan and Steele Solutions. Cogan has been manufacturing top of the line material handling products since 1901. Steele Solutions is strategically located in Franklin, Wisconsin and has been providing quality material handling solutions since 1996.

If you are in need of or would like more information on any of our mezzanines, please contact us and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

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S. W. Betz Company, Inc. is one of the areas oldest distributors of quality Weighing, Material Handling, Dock and Warehouse Equipment from the industrys most reliable manufacturers. Founded in 1933, the S. W. Betz Company, Inc. is a family-owned business which continues to offer its customers personalized, knowledgeable solutions to all of their equipment and service needs. Located just outside of Baltimore in Rosedale, Maryland, our local warehouse offers a wide variety of aluminum and steel hand trucks, appliance trucks, pallet trucks, as well as an assortment of wheels, casters, dock boards, dock plates, pallet jacks, and a wide range of warehouse equipment. Our parts, service and installation departments can provide top of the line materials, prompt and efficient repairs, calibration and certification, and quality equipment installation.
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